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Alexander East – Archival 2

Alexander East
Archival 2
Format: Digital
Release Date: January 2019
1. Alexander East – Have U Ever
2. Alexander East – Tears
3. Alexander East – Tears (Swirl People Remix)

Audio Soul Project – Archival

Audio Soul Project
Format: Digital
Release Date: July 2018
1. Audio Soul Project – Fall in Love Again
2. Audio Soul Project – Parts of Me
3. Audio Soul Project – Another Refill

Audio Soul Project – Beginner’s Mind

Audio Soul Project
Beginner’s Mind
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Release Date: September 2018 / November 2018
A1. Audio Soul Project – Endless version
A2. MANIK – SH-101 Dalmatians (Audio Soul Project Version)
B1. Audio Soul Project – I Feel Like feat. Brett Barton
B2. Audio Soul Project – 1billionhappy

Audio Soul Project – Green Again

Audio Soul Project
Green Again
Format: Vinyl – April 2018 / Digital – May 2018
Release Date: March 2018
A1. Audio Soul Project – Yeah Dub
A2. Audio Soul Project – Hypnotize
B1. Audio Soul Project – What Is
B2. Audio Soul Project – Save Us

Frankie Vega – Chord Shift

Frankie Vega
Chord Shift
Format: Digital only
Release Date: March 2018
1. Frankie Vega – Chord Shift (Audio Soul Project Remix)
2. Frankie Vega – Chord Shift
3. Frankie Vega – Tribal Shift

Fresh Meat Podcast 24

This episode is our longest one yet, featuring several upfront tracks and a live DJ set I played on 21st August 2010 for an underground party called reChicago.

This episode also features our first ever 5 Magazine Spotlight. Terry Matthew, the editor-in-chief of 5 Mag, has sent us a special vinyl only pre-release cut along with a narrative about the track and it’s creator. Use the link below to subscribe to 5 Magazine, Chicago’s house music authority!

If you want to submit music for the show, send to