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Prairie Path Frustration – Nathan Drew Larsen

Prairie Path Frustration

The new vinyl release from Fresh Meat Records

Available soon at Gramaphone Records and all better music shops.

Prairie Path Frustration (Original Demo Pass)
Artist: Nathan Drew Larsen

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It can be difficult to turn one’s gaze inwards, to be alone with searing thoughts and raw emotions when it’s so easy to drown them out. Continue reading…


Signs & Gestures

Signs and Gestures

The new vinyl release from Fresh Meat Records

Available at Gramaphone Records.

Also available at Juno.

Untitled #2843
Artist: Awoke

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Signs & Gestures is a various artists limited vinyl and digital release. Continue reading…


Evolutionary Advantage of Forgetting [VINYL ONLY]

Evolutionary Advantage of Forgetting

The new vinyl release from Fresh Meat Records

Available only VINYL ONLY at Gramaphone Records.

Also available at Rush Hour.

Sleep Won’t Come (Signs and Gestures) vinyl edit
Artist: Brodanse

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Evolutionary Advantage of Forgetting is a 300-press, vinyl only, various artists EP distributed through Gramaphone Records in Chicago. Continue reading…


Elef – Haus EP

Elef - Haus EP

The new VINYL EP by Elef

Available now on vinyl at Juno and digitally at Beatport.

Artist: Elef

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ILike a fourth dimensional creature experiencing past and future simultaneously, Eleftherios Kousakis (aka Elef) has created music for Fresh Meat drawing from the traditions of House music and reaching towards its future. Continue reading…


Audio Soul Project – Hip Shake Heartache

Audio Soul Project - Hip Shake Heartache

The new LP by Audio Soul Project (Mazi)

Available digitally at Beatport, on vinyl at Gramaphone (Vol. 1) (Vol. 2), Juno Records (Vol. 1) (Vol. 2), Prime Direct (Vol. 1)(Vol. 2) and at all better music shops.

Artist: Audio Soul Project

Audio MP3

“If I don’t get it, it’s because I don’t want it…”

Fresh Meat Records is proud to announce the release of the second Audio Soul Project album, “Hip Shake Heartache.” With global attention quickly returning to U.S. House music, the time is perfect for one of Chicago’s important working producers, Mazi Namvar, to bring his considerable talents to bear on this sophisticated album of beautiful and original music. Following-up on the acclaimed 2001 album “Community” (NRK), Mazi wrote, recorded and produced “Hip Shake Heartache” over the course of a year, working with a cadre of vocalists including Ron Carroll, Alexander East and Nathan Drew Larsen along with seasoned musicians Jimmy Tripp and Richard Gow. This emotional and often bittersweet album is a personal story of old friends, music, treason, relationships, endings and new beginnings — recounted and fictionalized in the graphic novelette issued contemporaneously herewith. The short story, written by Mazi, was illustrated by local artist Ernesto Perez. Continue reading…

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