Mazi & DJ Motion – When Time Becomes a Loop

Mazi and DJ Motion - When Time Becomes a Loop

The new EP from Mazi & DJ Motion

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Forever Joy
Artist: Mazi & DJ Motion

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Written by two friends and roommates on the way up, these tracks were created using a modest home studio. The equipment list included an Ensoniq EPSm sampler, a Korg M1, a Roland R-8 drum machine, a Mackie CR-1604 board, and a Tascam DA-20 digital tape recorder. As was usually the case when Mazi and DJ Motion worked together, the songs were finished when the sampler ran out of memory or the mixer was out of channels. Forever Joy was written during an extended session when the guys ingested a naturally occurring psychedelic compound called psilocybin. These producers had moved into what used to be the Red Nail loft. A Thursday was becoming Friday and, having started in a rush of inspiration the night before, Forever Joy was completed around 11 AM, putting an enduring smile on the boys’ faces. The original eleven plus minute version has been edited down here, distilling the essence of the groove for less clouded minds. I Mack and Moon Boots were originally released on the duo’s vinyl label Shroom Records. The record was heavily supported by local shop Gramaphone, sitting on DJ Sneak’s wall in the number 1 position for several weeks. This is simple House music – written by friends exploring themselves and their ability to put thoughts into sounds using machines. They probably didn’t know it, but these boys were winding a path from their present to the future (and back again) – this is When Time Becomes a Loop.

This new EP will be released digitally and on vinyl.

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Mazi & DJ Motion
When Time Becomes a Loop

Mazi and DJ Motion - When Time Becomes a Loop

TITLE		When Time Becomes a Loop
ARTIST		Mazi and DJ Motion
EAN	        4050486928462
RELEASE DATE	13 March 2015 digital / Soon After on vinyl
PRESS SHEET	FMR59 press sheet
PRESS PIC	Mazi & DJ Motion press pic
FORMAT		Digital / Vinyl
TRACK LIST	1. Forever Joy
                2. I Mack
                3. Moon Boots

Forever Joy
Artist: Mazi & DJ Motion

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I Mack
Artist: Mazi & DJ Motion

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Moon Boots
Artist: Mazi & DJ Motion

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Selected Feedback

[ Doc Martin ] – Great funkiness on these!

[ Tony Humphries ] – Nice tracks!

[ Honey Dijon ] – Forever Joy is a lovely reminder of piano driven 90’s house. Sorely missed. Will def support.

[ DJ Heather ] – On that Chicago tip.

[ Diz Washington ] – Loads of fun no matter how you stack it!

[ DJ T ] – Thank you for the music!

[ Dave Seaman ] – Cool vibes.

[ Giovanni Damico ] – Honest house music here! Big up to Mazi!

[ Soul Minority ] – Awesome Chicago grooves!

[ Charles Webster ] – Moon Boots is nice old school vibes…

[ Terry Mullan ] – Magic fungus, eh ! ‘Moon Boots” is the def jammy jam for me here, I’ll bump this weekend in SF!

[ Joe Roberts (DJ Mag) ] – Cracker of an EP. Thanks.

[ Mark Henning ] – Love Forever Joy…great groove.

[ Marques Wyatt ] – Tight!

[ Soul Clap ] – Yes Puuuuhlease! All over Forever Joy & I Mack.

[ Rob G (Pulselocker) ] – Funky deep vibes all around. Forever Joy – seemingly inspired by C2’s remix of Caribou. Love it. I Mack should go down nicely in the early morning hours. And digging the Jay Dee touches on Moon Boots. Cheers!

[ Phil Weeks ] – I Mack is nice.

[ Simon DSA (Pulzar FM/Fresh FM) ] – Great retrospective look at house music from the roots up. Diamond to have it digitally retouched for 2015…Moon Boots…Sick!

[ Brodanse ] – Only the best from Fresh Meat! Love them all but ‘I Mack’ is our favorite!

[ Murray Richardson ] – Love when a new Fresh Meat promo touches down, always quality house tunes and this is no exception…as usual I’m loving all of it but at the moment I reckon Moon Boots is my fave.

[ Chili Davis (Forward Disco/NYC) ] – TIGHT EP….will play all 3!

[ Nathan Drew Larsen (Hugo Ball/Chicago) ] – Bad ass elemental house music. Want on vinyl for the Ball!

[ Nigel Moss (Bar 137/ ] – Timeless shizzle. simple effective business! Real.