Fresh Meat Podcast 12 June 10, 2015 October 20, 2017 admin

Mazi and Nathan return with Fresh Meat Podcast 12.

This recording was made on May 1st. Mazi’s DJ mix was recorded on April 26th. Corrections this time include the name for The Pilotwings track “Trance Beats” from their Agorespace EP on the label Brothers From Different Mothers. We finally give the track title, “Console Cowboy”, and EP name, A New Room, for Garrett David’s fantastic new record on Gramaphone. We begin this episode with songs connected to San Francisco, discuss Bill Drummond’s (KLF) thoughts on the demise of recorded music, and find it difficult to describe the music we play in terms of genres.


The Conversation
1. Fatima – Hassan (Razormaid Mix) – Razormaid Records
2. Mount Rushmore – I’ve Got The Music (EFX Mix) – Moonshine Music
3. Executive Slacks – The Bus – Dark Entries
4. Glenn Astro – Gemini (featuring IMYRMiND) – WotNot Music
5. Levi – Don’t Give Up (Tuff Jam UVM Dub) – Fifty First Recordings

Mazi’s Mix
1. Windy City – Introduction (Windy City Theme) – United Artists Records
2. Henry Wu – Midtour – Odd Socks
3. Janis – Tender Love – Tasteful Nudes
4. Stereogamous feat. Shaun J. Wright – Face Love Anew – Hnytrx & Cocktail D’Amore Records
5. Motorbass – Ezio – Different Recordings
6. Citizenn – Be (Hercules & Love Affair Mix) – 2020 Vision
7. Mike Shannon – Just A Glimpse – Half Baked
8. Beloved – Ease The Pressure (Red Nail Enhanced Club Mix) – East West Records
9. Mr. G – Tollgate Po (Mango Boys Red Eye Mix) – Phoenix G
10. Malin – Deorbital Descent (Yaleesa Hall Remix) – Will & Ink
11. Gavin Russom – The Telstar File – Long Island Electrical Systems
12. Armando – Pleasuredome – Trax Records
13. Club Style – Crazy Wild – Dance Mania

The Last Track
Fonda Rae – Tuch Me (Touch Me) – Rams Horn Records