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Time is relative and in the case of this episode not always what it seems.

We start Fresh Meat Podcast 14 with “See You On Monday” by Herbert.
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Nathan and I talk about our shared love for Matthew Herbert’s music while Boots the cat talks in the background.
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Without naming it, I mention Herbert’s P.C.C.O.M. manifesto and we move on to tracks by Hunee, Frank De Wulf, and an early 90s tune named “Get Into The Music” by Tech Man 1.
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I am drawn to the bass line in the track and guess the sound might have come from a Yamaha TX81Z. After my DJ mix, Nathan discusses the narrow view that techno purists sometimes hold about sound design; how they would disregard a track like Tuff Jam’s “My Love (Mix 1)”. Nathan exalts the emotional presence of Tuff Jam’s cut, describing its sonic architecture as ‘unimpeachable.’ We talk about Horace Andy’s “Skylarking”. I incorrectly say that to skylark is to loiter when in reality skylarking is fooling around or acting estranged. We end the show with “I Need You” by Vincent Floyd, an instrumental released in 1996 on Subwoofer.
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The Conversation
1. Herbert – See You On Monday – Phono
2. Hunee – Burning Flower – Rush Hour
3. Frank De Wulf – Latino – Music Man
4. Tech Man 1 – Get Into The Music – Nitebeat
5. Marino Bernardi – Motionless – Mathematics

Audio Soul Project DJ Mix
1. K.O.T. – Abstract Collage (Demo Mix) – Power Music
2. DBX – Jump Start – Communique Records
3. 3 FS – Slali Window (Sneaks Mix) – Force Inc. Music
4. Rébeval – Chantage – Long Island Electrical Systems
5. Mandar – Peace Force – Lazare Hoche Records
6. Ralph Lawson & Chez Damier – The Moment – Lost In Time
7. Chris Udoh – Ready For You (Audio Soul Project Remix) – Dubwise
8. Satoshi Tomiie – Thursday, 2AM (Original) – Abstract Architecture
9. Chez Damier – Speechless (Garrett David & Michael Serafini Queens Mix) – BM Muzik
10. Tuff Jam – My Love (Mix 1) – Sub Urban
11. Cinthie – Jaam – Beste Modus
12. Adesse Versions – Pride – Numbers
13. Aubrey – Pervert – Rawax
14. Nicson & An Gelo – Freek – Mistress Recordings
15. Vladislav Delay As Sistol – Keno (Mike Huckaby Synth Remix) – Slices of Life
16. Horace Andy – Skylarking – Studio One

The Last Track
Vincent Floyd – I Need You – Subwoofer