Signs & Gestures

Signs and Gestures

The new vinyl release from Fresh Meat Records

Available at Gramaphone Records.

Also available at Juno.

Untitled #2843
Artist: Awoke

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Signs & Gestures is a various artists limited vinyl and digital release.

The vinyl version was mastered by Todd Mariana at Deep Grooves Mastering. The record will be for sale through Gramaphone Records in Chicago starting in April. The compilation features four tracks. Longtime friends Awoke (aka John Griffin) and Jack Buser write the two cuts on the A-side. These guys have known each other for many years and the complimentary nature of their tracks echo their years long relationship. Both use analog gear in their productions. In fact, that is an understatement as both are engineers by day and admitted audio gear junkies by night. Awoke’s Untitled #2843 is a quirky drama builder throwing the In My House vocal over squelches and acid lines. Buser’s Midi Boson is a classic exercise in simplicity. Drums from an MPC and a lead from Elektron’s Monomachine are all it takes for this groove to rattle the dance floor. Side B is also the work of two close friends. Nathan Drew Larsen remixes Little Turtles by Souls Found. Mazi edits Nathan’s remix (released earlier on Fresh Meat’s When Bad People Cook Good Food Volume 3) to 6 minutes, removing the atmospheric outro and reducing some of the extended sections. What remains is an energetic workout that is uncommonly melodic and emotional. As Audio Soul Project, Mazi’s remix 3 of Sentimental Love combines sections from the first two of his remixes of this song released on Vizual Records back in 2011. This new version will hopefully express the care and love that went into preserving the message of Joshua Iz and Chez Damier’s original.


Various Artists
Signs & Gestures

Signs and Gestures

TITLE		Signs & Gestures
ARTIST		Various Artists
EAN	        N/A
RELEASE DATE	Vinyl - April 18, 2015 | Digital - April 27, 2015
PRESS SHEET	FMR58 press sheet
FORMAT		Digital
TRACK LIST	A1. Awoke - Untitled #2843
                A2. Jack Buser - MIDI Boson
                B1. Souls Found - Little Turtles (Nathan Drew Larsen Machine Mix - ASP Edit)
                B2. Joshua Iz featuring Chez Damier - Sentimental Love (Audio Soul Project Remix 3)

MIDI Boson
Artist: Jack Buser

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Little Turtles (Nathan Drew Larsen Machine Mix – ASP Edit)
Artist: Souls Found

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Sentimental Love (Audio Soul Project Remix 3)
Artist: Joshua Iz featuring Chez Damier

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Available only VINYL ONLY at Gramaphone Records.

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Terrence Pearce All great, lovin’ this, thanks.

Terry Mullan (Coin Slot Recordings) – Holy $hit! OFF THE PROVERBIAL CHAIN! KILLER EP!

Evren Ulusoy – Audio Soul Project is the one for me. Thanks.

Sebo K (Berlin) – Good stuff! Full support!

Roy England – Loving Mazi’s remix! I’d love a copy of the vinyl.

Doc Martin – Very good tunes!

Paco Osuna (Barcelona) – Will try thanks.

Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco) – Nathan Drew Larsen remix of Little Turtles is my favorite. Audio Soul Project remix is pretty cool too.

Tres Manos (Your Only Friend Records) – Absolutely love this release! Proper House and Acid House! Can’t wait to drop these next weekend!

Brodanse (Danse Club Records) – Always true quality music with depth and feeling from Fresh Meat! Loving the Audio Soul Project Remix!

Chili Davis (Forward Disco) – Really forward thinking stuff! DOPE.

Jay Tripwire (Poker Flat) – Great EP, bleeps, a face-melter and some proper house.

Norbert Bonchors (House Sound of Hamburg) – Lovely tracks!

Harri (Sub Club Glasgow) – These are all good for me.

Soul Clap – Sentimental Love is the one for us!

Giovanni Damico (Movida, Home Audio, Italy) – Damn can’t decide which track is the best here! This release sounds dope guys!

Billy Disciple (Undulate Recordings) – Fresh Meat reprsentin’ as always! Thanks for the quality music!

Chris Udoh (Philadelphia) – Every track is blazing! Awoke’s track is just sick!