Fresh Meat Podcast 15 March 17, 2016 October 20, 2017 admin

This time around I’m on a solo trip.

I want to make sure Fresh Meat Podcast focuses on music and people making the music that we play. In order to do that, I will include more links for you to either read and listen to for each release from each show. Please support these artists and buy their music. There are enough musicians working retail jobs.

As promised, here is a link to New Order’s Singularity: The Influence of New Order site. You can check out music from the band’s latest album, read what other musicians have written about New Order, and go through miscellaneous bits related to the band and their music.

You can find out more about and buy Bézier’s Telomeres EP by checking out the Dark Entries site. Read this interview on Japanese site Wasabeat with Soichi Terada about his Sounds From The Far East album on Rush Hour. Karim Sahraoui’s Stella is available from over 30 vendors on Discogs. Peep the Arkhive London website, where you can listen to their releases, their mix show, and get deeper into their ethos.

One last thing, Nathan Drew Larsen’s beautiful Prairie Path Frustration vinyl release (the track I start the DJ mix with) is coming out on April 8th. Do yourself (and us) a favor and buy this record – the music won’t let you down! There’s more I need to let you know, but there’s never enough time these days so this’ll have to do. Enjoy the show.


The Monologue
1. Essential Accapellas! – Back 2 Love – Z Records
2. Bézier – Telomeres – Dark Entries
3. New Order – People On The High Line (Extended Mix) – Mute
4. Soichi Terada – We Came Together – Rush Hour
5. Karim Sahraoui – Stella – Transmat
6. Matches – Let You – Arkhive London

Audio Soul Project DJ Mix
1. Nathan Drew Larsen – Prairie Path Frustration – Fresh Meat
2. Axel Boman – Abba 002 (Baba Stiltz Abba-Dubb) – Studio Barnhus
3. Washerman – Twilite – Hudd Traxx
4. Jordan Fields – I Feel Loved – Headphoniq
5. Linkwood – Expressions – Firecracker Recordings
6. Lady E – Seems To Me – Thug Records
7. Boo Williams – Moon Man’s Return – Headphoniq
8. Nick Jones – Le Spank – Subwoofer
9. Savage Hymn – Indecision (Black Spun Remix) – Rong Music
10. M.ono – Volle Schnauze – Heist
11. Andy Hart & Max Graef – Pullemann 18 – Box Aus Holz
12. Ultra Knites – Timeless – Ultra Knites Records
13. Johnny Fiasco – How Deep (Remix) – Audiojazz Music

The Last Track
Johnny Dynell and New York 88 – Jam Hot (Rhumba Rock) – Acme Music Corporation