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When Bad People Cook Good Food – Volume 4
Format: Digital & Vinyl
1. House of Black Dress – Dual Head Tangerine
2. Jason Bay – The Mile High Connections
3. Cesar Ramirez – Congo Fury (Mike Huckaby Remix)
4. Fish Go Deep – Follow
5. Lomez featuring Symbol – I’m Yours (Audio Soul Project Dub)
6. Dirty Jesus – Cut A Rug (Da Floor Mix)
7. Chris Udoh – Ready For You (Audio Soul Project ReRub)
8. San France Disco – Bringing Back Sweat to the Dance Floor (David Duriez Acid Mix)
9. DJ Jes – Good for The Soul (Mazi’s Simple Soul Ride)
10. Alexander East – Jest 4 Me (Derrick Carter Dubstrumental)
11. Elef – Haus
12. DJ Motion – I’m Ben Gin Again (Joshua Collins Remix)
13. Thoth – The Atlantean (Audio Soul Project Dub)
14. Vernon Douglas – Homage
15. Studio Nova – I’ll Be There 4 U
16. Audio Soul Project – This is Real Life
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The table has been set and guests have arrived: it’s time for the next volume of Fresh Meat’s When Bad People Cook Good Food Vol. 4 compilation series. Volume Four has been cooking gradually over the last two years while label head Mazi Namvar, aka Audio Soul Project, collected and prepared its 16 tracks. Like previous volumes, the track list uncovers hidden gems in Fresh Meat’s back catalog, highlights compelling cuts by upcoming talents, and reflects the label’s overall sound profile.

Jason Bay’s “The Mile High Connection” pairs G-Funk’s shiny sound palette and casual bounce with swaggering male vocals to dramatic effect. Cesar Ramirez’s “Congo Fury” gets a relaxed and sultry remix from Mike Huckaby, its core conga line anchoring the tune while spacious synth lines emanate outwards. The comp also resurrects Dirty Jesus’s “Cut A Rug” (Da Floor Mix), originally from 1996, reminding listeners of its shimmering, garage house beauty, all organ and vocal stabs pulsating with infectious energy.

Audio Soul Project takes another swing at remixing Chris Udoh’s “Ready For You”, streamlining and strengthening the groove that supports the invigorating vocals. David Duriez marries acid motifs to the tidy, bustling frame on San France Disco’s “Bringing Back Sweat To the Dancefloor” for even sweatier times. Mazi’s Simple Soul Ride remix of “Good For The Soul” by DJ Jes lives up to its name, letting a silky groove dominate the track. And Joshua Collins aims for the feels while remixing DJ Motion’s “I’m Ben Gin Again”, filtering psychedelic guitar though a dark, steady frame until it bubbles over and gets dancefloors nice and frothy.

Audio Soul Project’s dub of Thoth’s “The Atlantean” is jittery with excitement, its popping vocal syllables dancing between liquid synth lines. Vernon Douglas keeps heart rates and spirits high on “Homage”, its twin grooves stopping at nothing to wind their way around dancers. And Studio Nova’s “I’ll Be There 4 U” lets its filter house rhythms pound away as vocal samples pepper proceedings.

The compilation also includes a DJ mix by Audio Soul Project featuring many of the same tracks. The vinyl version plucks three DJ-focused favorites from the compilation and includes a download code for the whole package. When Bad People Cook Good Food Vol. 4 is a veritable feast of sleek and buoyant house music that can enjoyed over several sittings or in one cohesive (and delightfully gluttonous) meal.