Shenoda – Feelings

Shenoda - Feelings

The new EP by Shenoda

Available at Beatport, Zero Inch, and soon at all better music shops.

Artist: Shenoda

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Up next on Fresh Meat is UK artist Shenoda with his aptly titled “Feelings EP”. Shenoda’s “Feelings” are deep and emotional while his tracks are percussive, chugging and mind bending without doubt. Like his prior releases on Fresh Meat, Hairy Claw, and Hypercolour the tunes featured here are cerebral dance floor heaters.

The opening track “Departed” is fathomless like the ocean but maintains a thumping trackiness. Upfront percussion and subliminal sounds unite to form a compelling relentless groove. For the remix, Mazi and Justin Long reunite as Wasted Chicago Youth to deliver a left of center, disco psychotic workout. The boys play with field recordings of children and various atmospheric sounds from the original, manipulating these elements into their own special organ-centric romp. An otherworldly Jupiter 8 solo sharpens the otherwise sub-bass heavy sauntering rework.

Shenoda’s second original, Groggy Head, dives even deeper swinging wide with righteous funk. This is real modern House Music with roots. Expect to see hands in the air if you play “Groggy Head,” with its tuneful groove and vocal commands – “Show me how you!” For the remix we enlisted Fresh Meat artist Densmore for a discerning remix clocking in at a sexy 113 beats per minute. Densmore’s mix builds slowly and gracefully with elements from the original and new percussion building the track into a mid-tempo dance floor grinder. Reminiscent of his “Washington Park” project with Cort, this new remix oozes with the hi-fi bump and grind that heads everywhere will soon recognize as Albany New York’s signature sound.



Shenoda - Feelings

TITLE		Feelings
ARTIST		Shenoda
CAT. NO.	        FMR38
RELEASE DATE	Beatport 8-September-2010 /
                Worldwide 8-October-2010
PRESS PIC	Shenoda-Press-Pic
FORMAT		Digital
TRACK LIST	1. Departed
		2. Departed (Wasted Chicago Youth Remix)
                3. Groggy Head
                4. Groggy Head (Densmore Remix)

Artist: Shenoda

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Departed (Wasted Chicago Youth Remix)
Artist: Shenoda

Audio MP3

Groggy Head
Artist: Shenoda

Audio MP3

Groggy Head (Densmore Remix)
Artist: Shenoda

Audio MP3

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[ Charles Webster ] – Nice dubby stuff. Will definitely play.

[ Nick Harris (NRK) ] – Great release, lots of variation here, love both mixes of ‘Departed’ and ‘Groggy Head’ is well funky. Full support from me!

[ Audio Soul Project ] – Whole EP is rock solid. I am playing all four cuts depending on the venue and occasion.

[ Dave DK ] – Support on the Densmore mix.

[ Jim Rivers ] – Both originals are brilliant!

[ Kolombo ] – Love it!

[ C-Rock ] – Nice one! Wasted Chi Youth for me.

[ MANIK ] – I do like it! ‘Departed’ is solid and the WCY remix is even funkier. Nice remix by Densmore. Overall very good stuff from Shenoda and FMR fam!

[ Alland Byallo ] – Great release. Love the originals the most but that WCY remix is some twisted nastiness. Shenoda’s DOPE!

[ Moodymanc ] – Nice Densmore mix.

[ Jay Tripwire ] – Feeling the WCY remix, nice simple tracky groove good for long blends and holding the mix.

[ Jason Hodges ] – Freshness, lovin’ this EP!

[ Soul Minority ] – Nice one, love Wasted Chicago Youth remix of Departed, and the 2 versions of Groggy Head! Will play, thanks!

[ Ralf Kollman (Mobilee) ] – That’s a fucking bomb (Departed)! I like that groove a lot!

[ Rocky ] – 2 nice tracks from Shenoda.

[ Dave Seaman ] – Cool sleazy vibes.

[ Slam ] – Another cool release – love the remixes – liking and playing.

[ Luke Solomon ] – Liking the original of Departed. Solid.

[ Murray Richardson ] – This is a cracking release! Love the Wasted Chicago Youth mix of ‘Departed’ & the original mix of ‘Groggy Head’ is cool too! Perfect for my trip to Italy this weekend!

[ The Timewriter ] – Cool release here with my favourite being the Densmore remix. Full Support.

[ Jonas Kopp ] – Great EP. Nice moody and funky house, will play for sure!

[ Master H ] – Full support, like these trax.. Will play.

[ Giom ] – Great production on all tracks, but the WCY mix is the best here for me…. Thanks guys

[ Tom Budden ] – I’m really into what Shenoda is doing, this is no exception.

[ Dairmount (Room With A View) ] – One of the best Fresh Meat releases this year. ‘Departed’ is really wicked!

[ Kev Obrien (Stranjjur, NYC) ] – YES YES YES..Fresh Meat is on A RAMPAGE! Strength after strength, loving this! Shenoda has been one of my faves all year and this one is the best yet, loving the funk in Groggy Head!!!! Big support.