Audio Soul Project – My Bluff Remixes

Audio Soul Project - My Bluff Remixes

The new LP by Audio Soul Project

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My Bluff (Dairmount & Berardi Perspective)
Artist: Audio Soul Project

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The original of “My Bluff” appeared earlier this year on Audio Soul Project’s full length “Hip Shake Heartache”. This tune combines the voice of talented Minneapolis native Alexander East with a tempered electric piano performance by Frenchman Richard Gow. Mazi’s original production is part Salsoul-style disco, part 90s deep house. For this mighty remix package we’ve enlisted talents from Germany and our beloved home town Chicago.

Hot off their highly successful work for Freerange and Composite, Phil Darimont and Marino Berardi aka Dairmount & Berardi present the first reinterpretation of “My Bluff”. Their organic approach is astutely modern, taking it’s time to develop; each element – the new electric piano, the freshly chopped Alexander vocals, the re-freaked guitar licks, the arpeggiated synthesizer – slowly blooms to the surface of the mix. The Hamburg natives manage to invent a remix that is at once atmospheric and bone crushing on the dance floor. The Dairmount & Berardi Perspective walks the path trodden by stalwarts like Tom Middleton, Circulation or Moodymann in one of his psychedelic moods.

Third wave Chicago phenomenon Joshua Iz takes the reins for his ‘Vizual Mix’. Josh has been a staple in the Chicago and San Francisco house scenes since the mid 90s releasing some of our favorite tracks via landmark labels like Prescription, Guidance, NRK and Tweekin. He just released his impeccable “It Iz What It Iz” long player on Vizual Records. His 10 minute plus reworking of “My Bluff” uses all of Alexander’s vocals rewriting the musical structure from the ground up. The result is a cosmic disco romp brimming with layers of pads, emotional strings, subtle drones, finely sculpted synth stacks and bouncing staccato bass – the sound is almost new wave and completely Iz.

Klas Lindblad’s Freestyle Man pseudonym should need no introduction among house heads. Under one of his many guises (either as Sasse, Thirsty Monk, Mr. Negative, Morris Brown or others) Klas has steadily become one of Germany’s most revered and consistent house producers. His spacious Easy Street Dub of “My Bluff” is designed for the long blend. Each of the loosely swinging elements hop almost invisibly into the sequence, imprinting an unforgettable groove into any dancers long term memory. The swelling strings, skipping echoed clavinet and morphing sub bass serve as perfect compliments to edited parts from the original.

The final entry in this package is an elegant extended version of “My Bluff”. The track’s main sections are kept intact with additional bars of rhythm added to the introduction and end maximizing every last bit of groove for club play.


My Bluff Remixes
Audio Soul Project

Audio Soul Project - My Bluff Remixes

TITLE		My Bluff Remixes
ARTIST		Audio Soul Project
CAT. NO.	        FMR43
RELEASE DATE	Beatport 4-May-2011 /
                Worldwide 3-June-2011
PRESS PIC	Audio-Soul-Project-Press-Pic
FORMAT		Digital
TRACK LIST	1. My Bluff (Dairmount & Berardi Perspective)
		2. My Bluff (Joshua Iz Vizual Mix)
                3. My Bluff (Freestyle Man Easy Street Dub)
                4. My Bluff (Extended Version)

My Bluff (Dairmount & Berardi Perspective)
Artist: Audio Soul Project

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My Bluff (Joshua Iz Vizual Mix)
Artist: Audio Soul Project

Audio MP3

My Bluff (Freestyle Man Easy Street Dub)
Artist: Audio Soul Project

Audio MP3

My Bluff (Extended Version)
Artist: Audio Soul Project

Audio MP3

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[ Yossi Amoyal (Sushitech) ] – Great rework by Freestyle Man!

[ Soul Minority ] – Great package, quality remixes for this amazing track!

[ Fred Everything ] – Very nice set of remixes. Loving the Moodymann’ness of Dairmount & Berardi’s remix and also Freestyle man!

[ Charles Webster ] – Good stuff. Support!

[ Tony Humphries ] – We’ve been playing the original a lot! This extended mix comes handy.

[ Jay Tripwire ] – Love Joshua and Freestyle Man mixes, each is perfect for its own place in the cosmos of DJing.

[ Giom ] – Great music as usual. Me likey the Freestyle Man dub the most. Thanks for this guys.

[ Kris Needs (fnoob radio) ] – Like it – will promote on radio.

[ Nacho Marco ] – Top release ! Excellent remixes. Full support,

[ Paco Osuna ] – 4/5 Thanks you!

[ Master H ] – Great rework from Dairmount & Berardi also like the Freestyle Man Easy Street Dub.

[ Giovanni Damico ] – No words…simply amazing!

[ Hiro (Sole Music) ] – Dairmount and Berardi mix is DOPE. Really good. To the extent I am going to have to drag my laptop out of my record bag again so I can play it tonight.

[ Danny Tenaglia ] – Dairmount & Berardi remix 4/5 thanks!

[ Rocky (X-press 2) ] – Very good. All the remixes work well. Support for this.

[ Scope ] – Extended version is right on the money for me!

[ Slam ] – Cool jazzy grooves….

[ Deepchild ] – Classics in the makin’. Nuff said.

[ D. Ramirez ] – Hot! 5/5

[ Dean Facer ] – Super cool….beautifully deep!

[ Moodymanc ] – Some nice mixes here…Joshua Iz and Freestyle Man both good for me….great to have the Extended Version too.

[ Elef (Dirt Crew) ] – Amaaaaaaa…..zing! Thx for all mixes, I think I will play them all. Fresh Meat once again at its best.

[ Luna City Express ] – The Freestyle Man mix is my favourite here.

[ Q-Burns Abstract Message ] – Overall great package, but Joshua’s mix is the stand out for me. Epic stuff…positively on fire here. Thanks for it!

[ Markus Schatz ] – Very cool release, support!

[ Shur-I-Kan ] – Original is cool, Dairmount’s mix is nice also. Thanks.

[ Leigh Morgan (Urbantorque) ] – Dairmount & Berardi remix is superb, and the other mixes are not too shabby either, good release.

[ Nathan G ] – The original still is one of my favourite cuts from the album. Dairmount & Berardi version is brilliant!

[ Doc Martin ] – 4/5 Keep them coming!