Elef – Haus EP

Elef - Haus EP

The new VINYL EP by Elef

Available now on vinyl at Juno and digitally at Beatport.

Artist: Elef

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ILike a fourth dimensional creature experiencing past and future simultaneously, Eleftherios Kousakis (aka Elef) has created music for Fresh Meat drawing from the traditions of House music and reaching towards its future. Elef’s “Haus EP” is a three tracker that will be pressed on pristine vinyl followed thereafter by global digital release. The tracks on this EP connect Detroit and Chicago influences to Elef’s own German roots.

The opener “Haus” is in many ways a bread and butter American Midwest acid house jam. Three lines of Roland’s TB303 lovingly glide over repeating filtered electric piano and ghostly background strings. The infamous TR909 ride bunches together an undulating mid range heavy rhythm track, with cymbals played one tightly against the next, snares juxtaposed to each other falling in long decaying arcs and the kick drum scoring each measure into 4 spacious packets of insistent motion. In the second half, a slim dry synth stab completes the conversation between bass, piano, string and drums.

“Weird Situation” was the last track Elef wrote for this EP and is our favorite. The memorable, emotionally deep vibe of “Weird Situation” uses square acid bass waves this time bubbling over modulating organ chords. Mechanized closed high hats swing wide ‘round a clipped kick and clap combination and reversed detuned cymbals. Heavily reverberated vocal snippets provide the sole human connection to an otherwise pure exercise in machine soul.

“Things of Tomorrow” closes out Elef’s EP. Resonating elongated synth stabs and playfully intermittent plastic bass bumps seem to tease an eerie female vocalist to shout atop jazzy lo-fi drums. These are emblematic motor city soundscapes, whether you’re talking Detroit or Stuttgart. “Things of Tomorrow” predicts an immediate musical future which is direct and in your face; an ethic based on the visceral punch of dry automaton programming and intuitive human experimentation.


Haus EP

Elef - Haus EP

CAT. NO.	        FMR44
RELEASE DATE	Prime 16-May-2011, Beatport 8-June-2011, Worldwide digit 8-July-2011
PRESS PIC	Elef-Press-Pic
FORMAT		Vinyl and digital
		B1. Weird Situation
                B2. Things of Tomorrow

Artist: Elef

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Weird Situation
Artist: Elef

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Things of Tomorrow
Artist: Elef

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Available now on vinyl at Juno, and digitally on Beatport.

Also available through


[ Simon Baker ] – Haus is nice! Good release, 3 solid tracks.

[ Deetron ] – Things of Tomorrow is a beauty.

[ Ben Watt ]– Great.

[ Robert Owens ] – Great. I love it.

[ Franck Roger ] – Nice EP. Full support.

[ Manuel Tur ] – Things of Tomorrow for me, cheers.

[ Florian Kruse ] – HAUS IST GEIL!

[ Jay Tripwire ] – I like Haus…great bridge on it too…I could drive my bus on that bridge…hot sheeeet!

[ Dave Pezzner ] – Fantastic work.

[ Nathan G (Large Music / Amenti Music) ] – Very Nice Cuts All Round! Thank you for the Fresh Meat!

[ Scope ] – Lovely deep release from Elef and Fresh Meat.

[ The Timewriter ] – Excellent EP. Loving the feel about it. Full support.

[ Mark Henning ] – Great EP! Love the vibe.

[ Milton Jackson ] – Haus is house!

[ Roberto Rodriguez ] – Very nice EP. Lovely tracks.

[ Terry Mullan ] – This EP takes me back. Loving it!

[ Giovanni Damico ] – Massive groove here! Like all trax.

[ Dairmount ] – Things of Tomorrow is the one that grabbed me here. Lovely vibe.

[ Moodymanc ] – Cool productions…will play! Cheers!

[ Deepchild ] – Oh hells YES. 10/10 for gorgeousness.

[ Phonogenic ] – Things of Tomorrow is nice and epic….

[ Karotte ] – Haus is really nice. Will play this one.

[ Francis Harris ] – Digging Things of Tomorrow. Nice Detroit vibe!

[ Sasse ] – WOW – Things of Tomorrow is my cup of tea – lovely!

[ Tony Humphries ] – This is really alternative deep house stuff. Haus will work for us!

[ Murray Richardson ] – Another cracking release from Fresh Meat – well into the HAUS track!

[ D’Julz ] – Things of Tomorrow is pure class thanks.

[ Alexkid ] – I love sampled pads…so Haus!

[ Q-Burns Abstract Message ] – Haus definitely has that retro-future sound…good stuff here. Thanks for it.

[ Brett Johnson ] – Things Of Tomorrow is a lot of fun. Will p l a y.

[ Alland Byallo ]– Weird Situation is great! Really nice EP.

[ Angel Alanis ] – Things of Tomorrow is real nice! Just that perfect kind of deep.

[ J.Phlip (Dirtybird) ] – Loving all the deep vibes and crunchy beats…thanks so much for this!