Audio Soul Project – Have It All Remixes

Audio Soul Project - Have It All Remixes

The new EP by Audio Soul Project

Available digitally on Beatport.

Have It All Bootleg Version
Artist: Audio Soul Project

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Have It All Dub proved to be the most popular track on Audio Soul Project’s LP “Hip Shake Heartache” from earlier this year. The idea for the track originally came from an R&B acapella. For the album “dub” mix the vocals were stripped down. Here, for the first time, we’re making the full vocal ‘Bootleg Version’ available. The music on this rendition is an expanded take on the one from the album, making room for the emotional vocals. This song is made for those deep house DJs who still covet the human voice in their sets.

The first remixes are by Fred Everything. On his ‘Remix 1’ crisp and modern drum machine beats set into motion layers of atmospheric synthesizer work. This is Fred in top form retriggering the vocals and creating a sophisticated groove completely true to his signature sound. The music builds organically into an airy breakdown, allowing the scat vocals to open up and shine after which things return to the already established funky flow. Mr. Everything’s second remix moves all of his previously established elements into moodier territory – the smooth synths are filtered down, the sub bass more submerged and the central breakdown goes into Basic Channel territory complete with echoing analog keys, DX-7 like bass swells, space sound effects and that dub snare we all know so well.

Belfast based Ric McClelland aka Scope completes this remix package putting together a 90s influenced Todd Terry conjuring remix of Have It All Dub. The classic “Jumpin’” beats get refreaked and fused to a new bass line, percussive organ and fat, bright stabs. Programmed percussion, a droning high pitched string and sparse vocals inject just the right amount of smokiness into this otherwise straight up peak time affair.


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Audio Soul Project - Have It All Remixes

TITLE		Have It All Remixes
ARTIST		Audio Soul Project
CAT. NO.	        FMR45
RELEASE DATE	Beatport 10-August-2011, Worldwide digi 9-September-2011
PRESS PIC	Audio-Soul-Project-Press-Pic
FORMAT		Digital
TRACK LIST	1. Have It All (Bootleg Version)
		2. Have It All Dub (Fred Everything Remix 1)
                3. Have It All Dub (Fred Everything Remix 2)
                4. Have It All Dub (Scope Remix)

Have It All (Bootleg Version)
Artist: Audio Soul Project

Audio MP3

Have It All Dub (Fred Everything Remix 1)
Artist: Audio Soul Project

Audio MP3

Have It All Dub (Fred Everything Remix 2)
Artist: Audio Soul Project

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Have It All Dub (Scope Remix)
Artist: Audio Soul Project

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Available now digitally at Beatport.

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[ Rob Mello ] – Great mixes all round here.

[ Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur) ] – Very nice release…Bootleg Version is my fave!

[ MANIK ] – Solid stuff from FMR! Digging the Bootleg Version and Fred Everything Remix. But all of them are quite nice.

[ Johnny Fiasco ] – Spot on!

[ Jim Rivers ] – Fred Everything mixes are great.

[ C-Rock (Motorcitysoul) ] – Wow, amazing release!

[ Rocky ] – Scope mix is my fave.

[ Moodymanc ] – Classy mixes from Fred and nice touch from Scope!

[ Nils Nuernberg ] – The Bootleg Version is awesome. Also Fred’s mixes are really nice.

[ Roberto Rodriguez ] – Digging the Bootleg Version. It will get hands in the air for sure.

[ Tony Humphries ] – Wicked funky tracks! Full support!

[ Olivier Desmet (Amenti) ] – Superb package, although the original dub version from the album is still my favorite. As a matter of fact I played it at the Endup on Sunday! I will definitely give the Fred versions and the new Bootleg Version plays.

[ Charles Webster ] – Bootleg Version is best here 4 me.

[ Doc Martin ] – Good as always!

[ Joshua Iz ] – Great package of remixes from one of my fave tracks off the (amazing) album – I’m sure I’ll find a way to play all of these.

[ Nathan G (Defected / Large Music) ] – This has been one of my fave Audio Soul Project tunes to date. Still playing the original so the new remixes are a welcomed edition. Well done all round. Full support!

[ Alexander Maier ] – ASP’s Bootleg mix of course. The real stuff. Addicted!

[ Cosmic Cowboys ] – Great EP thanks!

[ D’Julz ] – Dope remixes.

[ Shir Khan (Radio Fritz) ] – Scope remix is really dope.

[ Lawn Chair Generals ] – Reeeeeally loving the Bootleg Version. Fred’s deep dubby mixes are great as well.

[ Anthony Collins ] – Scope remix is cool.

[ Ricardo (Jetlags, Bangers) ] – GREAT Scope remix! Love the original too!

[ Giom ] – Very nice! All mixes rock! Full support from me.

[ Deepchild ] – Peerless house-music. Again. Full support – I have only good things to say about this.

[ DJ Mes ] – Fred’s mix is DOPE! Love, love, LOVE THIS!

[ Q-Burns Abstract Message ] – Fred Everything Remix 1 is dope…a superb, building ride of a mix. Will give it some plays for sure.

[ DJ Lady D ] – The original was definitely a staple in my sets. Thanks for the remixes.

[ Dean Facer ] – Top quality release, yet again.

[ Shahrokh Dini (Mood Lounge) ] – ‘Bootleg Version’ and Fred Everything remix for me.

[ Kev Obrien (Stranjjur) ] – Wow, this is just amazing! Loving the Bootleg Version most, but Fred and Ric both put forth some awe-inspiring work on the remixes. I’ll have them all!