Alexander East – Jest 4 Me

Alexander East - Jest 4 Me

The new EP by Alexander East

Available now on Beatport.

Jest 4 Me
Artist: Alexander East

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Alexander East has been a friend and creative force in my life since the late 90s. The first record of his I heard was “Hazy Shade Of Love” pressed as a 10″ inch on Underground Construction. A year after I head that single, I became the A&R for Afterhours Records. I remember getting a demo of 7 tracks from Alexander that blew me away so forcefully, the next day I walked into the label manager’s office and told her we had to sign every track on the demo. She asked if I thought we’d recoup our money and I responded that it did not matter – whether the project went gold or didn’t sell a single copy we, as a self respecting House Music label, had to put it out because it was magic. Through the years, Alexander and I have built a relationship as friends, fellow musicians and like minded creative beings. He has continued to send me music and I have released several of his projects on labels like Gourmet and Simple Soul. We collaborated on my first Audio Soul Project album for NRK and my second one released here on Fresh Meat. Back in 2000 Alexander sent me a song called “Jest 4 Me”. I loved it instantly. We originally released it on Afterhours pressed as a single sided vinyl 12″ with a black and white photo on the A-side and no text on the label. In 2001 we asked Derrick Carter to remix the song; he accepted turning in my favorite remixes he has ever done – Derrick took magic and made from it more magic. I own several copies of Alexander’s original version of “Jest 4 Me” and Derrick’s remixes. I have never stopped playing the song in my DJ sets.

A few months ago, while surfing the web, I realized the original and Derrick’s versions of “Jest 4 Me” are not available in any shops. After a quick conference between the crew, we at Fresh Meat decided to re-release this classic. We reached out to AE and DC acquiring both their blessings and got to work, putting together a digital release. So, for your music consuming pleasure, we present the original version, both of Derrick’s released mixes and the unreleased Derrick Carter Club all lovingly re-mastered. Music like this has kept me excited about House for the last 20 years. “Jest 4 Me” gets fresher with every play. Thanks AE. Thanks DC.

– Mazi


Alexander East
Jest 4 Me

Alexander East - Jest 4 Me

TITLE		Jest 4 Me
ARTIST		Alexander East
CAT. NO.	        FMR49
RELEASE DATE	Beatport 15-August-2012 / World Wide 14-September-2012
PRESS PIC	Alexander-East-Press-Pic
FORMAT		Digital
TRACK LIST	1. Jest 4 Me
		2. Jest 4 Me (Derrick Carter Vocal)
                3. Jest 4 Me (Derrick Carter Dubstrumental)
                4. Jest 4 Me (Derrick Carter Club)

Jest 4 Me
Artist: Alexander East

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Jest 4 Me (Derrick Carter Vocal)
Artist: Alexander East

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Jest 4 Me (Derrick Carter Dubstrumental)
Artist: Alexander East

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Jest 4 Me (Derrick Carter Club)
Artist: Alexander East

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[ Sebo K ] – Great release! Full support!

[ Art of Tones ] – Original mix is full of sun! Perfect for closing a night!

[ Soul Clap ] – Woah, is this a mashupremix? Could be dance floor destruction!

[ Marques Wyatt ] – Dope!

[ Tony Humphries ] – Well done release of slammin’ tracks!

[ D’Julz ] – Classic! Derrick’s Dub and Club mix forever.

[ Rob Mello ] – Really like the original and Derrick’s cheeky David Joseph version.

[ Pawas ] – Proper House Music!

[ Bottin (Italians Do It Better) ] – Love the Dubstrumental.

[ Deepchild ] – There is nothing but awesome crispy disco-goodness here. Legendary stuff.

[ The Timewriter ] – Derrick Carter’s Vocal mix is great. Will play. Thanks.

[ Charles Webster ] – DC dub is nice.

[ Giom ] – DC = YES PLEASE!

[ Murray Richardson ] – Original mix of this is the business and Derrick Carter smashes it with all his mixes – boss tunes!

[ Olivier Desmet (Amenti Music) ] – Stone cold classic that I also never stopped playing since the 2001 release! House music doesn’t get any better than this. Glad to see this gem reissued on Fresh Meat.

[ Tuomas “Phonogenic” Salmela ] – Big up for putting out something different!


[ Radio 1 – (Nico De Ceglia) ] – Very nice!

[ Radio FM (Michael Black) ] – Great release. Derrick Carter mixes are excellent! No problem supporting in clubs and with radio play. Thanks!

[ FG Radio (Jean Jerome) ] – Original is so fresh…like a good pineapple juice! Full support!

[ House Sound of Hamburg (Norbert Bonchers) ] – Nice samples of a classic track.

[ Radio Fritz Berlin (Tobias Koch) ] – All tracks are dope!

[ Inside Out Magazine ] – Awesome, can’t get enough mixes of this one!