When Bad People Cook Good Food – Volume 3

When Bad People Cook Good Food Volume 3

The new EP from Fresh Meat Records

Available now on Beatport.

Unknown (Nathan Drew Larsen Remix)
Artist: St. Joseph

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Nathan Drew Larsen and Mazi spent several months working with a variety of artists to prepare the third volume of this compilation album and house mix, which focuses on the expressive and deep sound of Fresh Meat Records. Henry Miller wrote, “if we are always arriving and departing, it is also true that we are eternally anchored. One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.” “When Bad People Cook Good Food Volume Three” continues the eclectic deep house tradition of Fresh Meat, this time exploring connections and perspectives between the past, present and future of the Chicago based label.

Volume Three includes tracks selected from the catalog, new material and, for the first time in the series, tracks licensed from other labels. There are five new songs; “New Beginnings” by The Cushion, “Good Night from Chicago” by Local Talk artist Kindimmer, “Fire Night” by British duo Brodanse, “Ticket Movin'” by South African Terrence Pearce and “Architecture” by mysterious act Frozen Music. The album also features music by American Midwest stalwarts Derrick Carter, Chez Damier, Joshua Iz, and Alexander East. Tracks like Carter’s Club mix of “Jest 4 Me” and Joshua and Chez’ “Sentimental Love” link effortlessly with cuts created by the younger artists, weaving a tapestry between Fresh Meat’s inspirations and future paths.

Tunes licensed from third parties include Larsen’s remixes for All About and Brown Eyed Boyz. Both versions are bumping machine music workouts heavy with melody, melancholy and emotion. Audio Soul Project remixes have been licensed from Smoke City and Vizual Records. The remixes are standout examples of the elemental yet refined sound ASP has developed in recent times. For added spice, MANIK’s chunky remix of “Call of Grace” (originally by ASP) is also included on this album, previously only available on vinyl.


When Bad People Cook Good Food
Volume 3

When Bad People Cook Good Food Volume 3

TITLE		When Bad People Cook Good Food Volume Three
ARTIST		Various / Compiled and mixed by Nathan Drew Larsen and Mazi at Kedzie George Studio, Logan Square, Chicago.
EAN	        4050486063989
RELEASE DATE	Beatport 9-January-2013 / Worldwide 8-February-2013
FORMAT		Digital
TRACK LIST	1. St. Joseph - Unknown (Nathan Drew Larsen Remix)
		2. The Cushion - New Beginnings
                3. Giovanni Damico - Dirty Disc
                4. Joshua Iz featuring Chez Damier - Sentimental Love (Audio Soul Project Remix 1)
		5. Hans Thalau - And I (Nathan Drew Larsen Remix)
                6. Alexander East - Jest 4 Me (Derrick Carter Club)
                7. Flavio Lodetti & Alister - Amistad (Audio Soul Project Remix)
		8. Wow & Flutter - Tape Replay
                9. Kindimmer - Good Night From Chicago
                10. Max Jacobson & Dave Powers - Don’t Let It (Nathan Drew Larsen & Mazi Remix)
		11. Audio Soul Project - Call of Grace (MANIK Remix)
                12. Architecture - Frozen Music
                13. Souls Found - Little Turtles (Nathan Drew Larsen Machine Mix)
		14. Brodanse - Fire Night
                15. Terrence Pearce - Ticket Movin'
                16. The Conversation (DJ Mix)

Unknown (Nathan Drew Larsen Remix)
Artist: St. Joseph

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New Beginnings
Artist: The Cushion

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Sentimental Love (Audio Soul Project Remix 1)
Artist: Joshua Iz featuring Chez Damier

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Amistad (Audio Soul Project Remix)
Artist: Flavio Lodetti & Alister

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[ Master H ] – Very nicely rounded compilation..thanx for sharing!

[ Chris Udoh ] – Amazing work! Highly inspiring tracks guys, incredibly impressive & well thought out. Huge support coming from your boy in Philly!

[ Marques Wyatt ] – Tight

[ Lomez ] – Excellent package…good to see MANIK join the family.

[ Q-Burns Abstract Message ] – Excellent package. The two Audio Soul Project remixes stand out, with the sublime Nathan Drew Larsen mix of “Unknown” also pushing my buttons. Plays are gonna happen. Thanks!

[ Sneak ] – Groovy ones in the mix.

[ Robert Owens ] – Great group of tracks.

[ Giom ] – Some nice tracks here, thanks!

[ Jason Hodges ] – Good work guys, sounds sweet!

[ The Timewriter ] – Very nice compilation of quality stuff with my favorite being The Beginnings. Full support .Thanks

[ Shur-I-Kan ] – Terrence and Kindimmer doing it for me on this one.

[ Jay Tripwire ] – Favorite track is Frozen Music. It’s all Burrell and shit, love it yo.

[ Slam ] – Cool trax, will try out this weekend.

[ DJ Allstar ] – Wonderful compilation as always true and soulful house music. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive!

[ Doc Martin ] – Very good!

[ Nil Nurnberg ] – Good Night From Chicago is right up my alley. Love it!

[ Jim Rivers ] – Good Night From Chicago is wicked. Also feeling Ticket Movin.