Brodanse – Become Someone EP

Brodanse - Become Someone EP

The new EP from Brodanse

Available now on Beatport.

Become Someone
Artist: Brodanse

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Brodanse is the musical partnership of brothers Austen and Scott Smart. Their first EP for Fresh Meat comes on the heels of their mood heavy “Fire Night” track which appeared on “When Bad People Cook Good Food Volume 3” out in January of this year. The two originals on this EP were deemed dance floor gold by FMR staff on first listen. The groove oriented soundscapes of “Become Someone” and “Around Us” sound modern yet informed by a house tapestry that runs decades deep. For two young gentlemen just getting started, Scott and Austen know their house music idioms. There is an assured cadence to the music of Brodanse, conveyed in part by a burly barrage of kicks, compressed snares and insistent basslines. Fresh Meat recruited a hard working young DJ in the Chicago scene, Max Jacobson, to remix “Become Someone” and after weeks of diligent work Max turned in what we feel is some of his best work. His thick, punchy version is built on a foundation of intricately swinging percussion, layered angular basslines, sprightly effects and swathes of subtle atmosphere.


Become Someone EP

Brodanse - Become Someone EP

TITLE		Become Someone EP
ARTIST		Brodanse
EAN	        4050486089835
RELEASE DATE	Beatport 6-March-2013 / Worldwide 5-April-2013
PRESS PIC	Brodanse-Press-Pic
FORMAT		Digital
TRACK LIST	1. Become Someone
		2. Become Someone (Max Jacobson Remix)
                3. Around Us

Become Someone
Artist: Brodanse

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Become Someone (Max Jacobson Remix)
Artist: Brodanse

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Around Us
Artist: Brodanse

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Available now on Beatport.

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[ Darren House (Diesel / Xpress 2) ] – Great ep. Become Someone orig is best.

[ Bill Brewster (MOS Radio) ] – Really like the lead track (Gil Scott Heron, I’m assuming). Very moody and deep.

[ Brett Griffin (Droog LA / Culprit) ] – Excellent growling beats and stabs on the A1. Tight.

[ Scott Lewis (Circus, Liverpool) ] – Love the deepness. This is a great release. Become Someone is quality. Thanks

[ Eddie Richards (Evil Eddie Richards) ] – 1st track ..

[ Nikko Gibler (Leftroom / Culprit) ] – Around Us is solid and sleazy. Will play this in Brooklyn this weekend.

[ Deepchild (Rick Bull) ] – Good to see the Dansekids on Fresh Meat. Perfect matching of artist to label-sound. Straight-up, warm and chunky hausmusik. proper.

[ Carsten Schuchmann Meat (Get Physical / Freebase) ] – Solid tunes. I like!

[ Marc Ashken (Leftroom) ] – Proper slick release, will play both the originals for sure, cheers M

[ DJ Prinz (Radio FG) ] – Around Us = my favourite

[ Roberto Rodriguez (Serenades) ] – Digging the vibes. Cool burner.

[ Chris Duckenfield (Swag) ] – Liking ‘Around Us’ here

[ Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul) ] – already got that via fresh meat. become someone is ace!

[ Darren Rock (Rocky / Xpress 2) ] – All nice. Around Us and Max’s mix for me. Will bust one.

[ Thomas Koch (DJ T, Get Physical) ] – will download. thank you for good music!

[ Jason Hodges (Toronto) ] – become someone is the cut!

[ Nathan G (Large Music) ] – The Max Jacobson Remix is solid. Will test out. Thanks

[ Tony Humphries (East Orange/New Jersey) ] – Cool tracks. Good for overlaying.

[ Shur-I-Kan ] – Feeling the swing in Max’s remix – funky

[ Kostas Tassopoulos (Ekkohaus 2020 vision) ] – Around us for me, thanx