Fresh Meat Podcast 1 March 27, 2014 October 20, 2017 admin

Fresh Meat Danceteria is now Fresh Meat Podcast, so let the downloading begin!

Message from Phillip: So I made this mix @ home in my apartment on 2 Technics and a pioneer mixer. It was actually the first time ever that I played here after living almost a year already. Funny thing too, I had a whole layout of all this rare, chill, hard to find deep music that I wanted to play, which I did. But when I started the mix it all went out the window cause I thought it sounded awful and only played for an hour or so. The interlude and the ending w/ all the funk stuff was added later when I decided it actually sounded better than originally imagined. It’s basically a mix of music I love to listen to on my iPod to get me through my day. Hope it gets u through yours.

1. Lindwood Family “Miles Away”
2. Christopher Rau “Ne Travaillez Jamais”
3. Red Rach’em “Nightshift”
4. The Freaks “Turning Orange” (Losoul Rmx)
5. Soldiers of Twilight “Mainstreet”
6. KemeticJust “For Your Love” (Dixons Alternative Mix)
7. Inland Knights “Slummin It”
8. The Revenge “Unfinished Edits Are Out Of My Hands”
9. The Revenge “Night Flight”
10. Eddie C “Your Welcome”
11. Mario Basanov “Do You Remember?” (6th Borough Project Vocal Rmx)
12. Jozif “Chicago”
13. Unreleased Edit
14. Rocket “Last Prayer” (Fast Edit)
15. Ripperton “A Simple Interlude”
16. Bambi & Gazeebo “Beet Toop” (Edit)
17. West Phillips “I’m Just A Sucka For A Pretty Face” (Edit)
18. Cole Medina “Red Hott”
19. PBR Streetgang “J2thaB”
20. Be “All The Thrills” Edit
21. Anonym “Trust Me”
22. Kri “Recession Beat” Edit
23. SuperValue “Smoke” (Phils Dub Edit)
24. 6th Borough Project “Planets”