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At first I had delusions that this mix would be a snap. Come to find out, it was not.

This was completely complied from tracks I had previously owned or found on various blogs throughout the web. The reason I embraced all digital DJing after 8 years of solely using vinyl was for this reason alone, access to music I’d otherwise never own, hear or share with other music lovers on the dance floor. Does this mix contribute to disposable music culture that’s cannibalized the music industry the past 10 years? I say no. Not only does it share music with people (including me) that would otherwise never get to experience it but also it opens eyes to the talent and amazing abilities of producers during this era.

In the end I found a connection to these producers. Did they write these tracks for the money? No way, disco demolition had already come and kicked the feet out from under the dance music community. The dance scene was well on its way to the underground. Sales weren’t there. If you didn’t have a residency at some major club which was few and far between you could forget about living from DJ fees.

Mazi writes an article for Beatportal called House Music Circles. I find this title to be most appropriate for my connections to the producers in this mix. Music comes around in circles. I love the sounds, textures, arrangements and tempo of the tracks in this mix. I relate to them and attempt to emulate them in many ways even now in 2010.

Do I make a living from producing? No. Do I make a living from DJing? No. Do I care in the tiniest bit that my music is accepted as mainstream? No. Just like the producers in this mix, I do it to for the love and all that encompasses plain and simple.

I buy my music. But for this mix I embraced what’s best about music sharing in 2010. Access to the obscure and to share what would otherwise go unheard.

1. Stimulation / The Strangers / Salsoul Records 1983
2. Get On It / Spence / Ariola 1983
3. Baby Love / Aurra / Salsoul Records 1983
4. Out in The Night / Serge Ponsar / WEA International Inc. 1983
5. Superstition-Good Times / Clubhouse / A&M Records 1983
6. Another Man Is Twice As Nice-Dub / Tout Sweet / Buzz Records 1983…
w/ snippets of Short version
7. To the bone & To the bone (Pygmy Dub Mix) / Nona Hendryx / RCA 1983
8. Its you that happening / exquisite taste / Starlite Records 1984
9. Its a War / Kano/ Emergency records 1980…
w/ with snippets of Frankie Knuckles feat Jamie principle / Baby wants to Ride / Trax Records
10. Walk the Night 7″ / Skatt Bros. / Casablanca Records 1979
11. Thinking About Your Love / Skipworth & Turner / 4th & Broadway 1985