Fresh Meat Podcast 5 June 26, 2014 October 20, 2017 admin

Fresh Meat Podcast 5, the second installment of our “Out of Print” show, features a live vinyl mix by Chicago’s Tyrel Williams.

From his residency at Dotbleep to his infamous Acid Test nights at Smart Bar, Tyrel twists-up dance floors with his heady mix of deep house music and acid tracks. This mix features some of Tyrel’s favorite songs mixed in the hedonistic Chicago style. Chicago DJs favor vibe and energy over the typical formalistic dogma which is so entrenched in the modern DJ mindset. In our city, the long held belief (R.I.P. Ron) is that good dance music exists without respect to genre, which is how Tyrel moves between “styles” on this mix with such ease and grace.


1. Seven Grand Housing Authority ‘Love’s Got Me High’ (C. Shivers remix)
2. Chez Damier ‘Sometimes I feel Like’
3. DJ Pope ‘Work It Out’
4. The Brazilian Studizel ‘Samba Da Silva’
5. Armando ‘Downfall Edit’
6. Reese & Santonio ‘How To Play Our Music’
7. Cube 40 ‘Bad Computa’
8. Jeanette Thomas ‘Shake Your Body’
9. Cajmere ‘Let Me Be’
10. Daniel Wang ‘Like Some Dream’ (I Can’t Stop Dreaming)
11. Bob Sinclar ‘Vision of Paradise’
12. Kruze ‘Please Be Kind (To this Heart of Mine) (Base Twelve Mix)
13. Lance DeSardi ‘I’ve Been There’ (Slater Hogan remix)
14. DJ Romain ‘Funky Swang’
15. Solid Gold Playaz ‘I want my Daddy’s Records’
16. Circulation ‘Emotions Unknown’
17. Cajmere ‘Only 4 U’ (Blast From The Past Mix)
18. Tevo Howard ‘Boing Pop’
19. Virgo ‘In A Vision’
20. D’ Menace ‘D.N.R’-K.O.T