About Fresh Meat Records

Fresh Meat Records is an artist-run label and collaboration between Mazi Namvar (Audio Soul Project) and Nathan Drew Larsen, two music-heads who became friends during the second wave of house that ripped through Chicago in the early 1990s. That footprint having left its indelible mark, Fresh Meat Records has become the home to producers influenced by the “other side” of Chicago house – not the late 90s disco cut-ups – but the sometimes soulful, sometimes tracky, but always emotional, experimental-leaning synthesized dance cuts that are at the deep core of Chicago house music. Despite Fresh Meat’s rigorously enforced home-spun attitude, the label has several hits to its name, including “No One To Care For” by Nathan under House of Black Dress, “Anymore” by Badmouth, and “I Want You” by Wiretappeur. 2009 was a massive year for Fresh Meat. There were 13 releases, two very successful compilation and mix albums, and most importantly, several talented artists were added to the crew: Wiretappeur, Shenoda and Florian Kruse. Other releases have included production and remixes by Phonique, Sandrino and Adryan, Will Saul & Tam Cooper, King Roc, Worthy, Kyle Szmurlo, Alexander Maier, Luna City Express, Fine Cut Bodies, Akbal Dubroots, Alex Parsons, David Duriez, Phonogenic, Subsky and Julien Parisé. In 2010, Fresh Meat will relaunch its vinyl label, the first record set for release in late January is “Colours & Motions” by Wiretappeur (featuring a remix by Audio Soul Project and a digital only edit by Justin Long). Other highlights this year include the follow-up to Audio Soul Project’s 2002 hit album, “Community,” and Fresh Meat debuts by Chris M A N I K and Densmore & Cort, not to mention the label’s first release by the brilliant Art of Tones.