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Audio Soul Project – Have It All Remixes

Audio Soul Project - Have It All Remixes

The new EP by Audio Soul Project

Available digitally on Beatport.

Have It All Bootleg Version
Artist: Audio Soul Project

Audio MP3

Have It All Dub proved to be the most popular track on Audio Soul Project’s LP “Hip Shake Heartache” from earlier this year. The idea for the track originally came from an R&B acapella. For the album “dub” mix the vocals were stripped down. Here, for the first time, we’re making the full vocal ‘Bootleg Version’ available. The music on this rendition is an expanded take on the one from the album, making room for the emotional vocals. This song is made for those deep house DJs who still covet the human voice in their sets. Continue reading…


Elef – Haus EP

Elef - Haus EP

The new VINYL EP by Elef

Available now on vinyl at Juno and digitally at Beatport.

Artist: Elef

Audio MP3

ILike a fourth dimensional creature experiencing past and future simultaneously, Eleftherios Kousakis (aka Elef) has created music for Fresh Meat drawing from the traditions of House music and reaching towards its future. Continue reading…


Loves002 – Mr. Brazil

Loves002 - A Mr Brazil Edit

The new VINYL ONLY EP by Mr. Brazil

Available now on vinyl at Juno and Phonica.

I Still Love It (Only You)
Artist: Mr. Brazil

Audio MP3

It’s with great pride and joy that we welcome the one and only Lono Brazil of Cottage Groove fame to our humble Loves imprint. Continue reading…


Audio Soul Project – My Bluff Remixes

Audio Soul Project - My Bluff Remixes

The new LP by Audio Soul Project

Available now exclusively on Beatport.

My Bluff (Dairmount & Berardi Perspective)
Artist: Audio Soul Project

Audio MP3

The original of “My Bluff” appeared earlier this year on Audio Soul Project’s full length “Hip Shake Heartache”. This tune combines the voice of talented Minneapolis native Alexander East with a tempered electric piano performance by Frenchman Richard Gow. Mazi’s original production is part Salsoul-style disco, part 90s deep house. For this mighty remix package we’ve enlisted talents from Germany and our beloved home town Chicago. Continue reading…


Ruthit – Rump

Ruthit - Rump

The new EP by Ruthit

Available now exclusively on Beatport.

I Feel
Artist: Ruthit

Audio MP3

Young Mancunian Ruthit is Fresh Meat’s latest signing. He’s been writing music for two years and DJing for three. In that time he has released eight projects and half a dozen remixes most notably on Four Twenty and murmur. Ruthit has been a busy man. For Fresh Meat he’s written two original songs, “I Feel” and “Sunkissed”. Continue reading…


Giovanni Damico – When It Was Fresh

Giovanni Damico - When It Was Fresh

The new EP by Giovanni Damico

Available now on Beatport.

Way Out
Artist: Giovanni Damico

Audio MP3

This is House with a capital H.

Fresh Meat’s latest, “When It Was Fresh,” is by Italian producer Giovanni D’Amico. Gio’s music resonated strongly with us when we received his demo less than a month ago, so we excitedly prepared it for immediate release. All three tracks are unrefined, melodic and funky. This is real house music direct from an inspired artist working without pretense. Giovanni’s playful use of samples, synths and swingy drum programming all evoke the golden age of house, but the slower tempos and use of space make the grooves modern and relevant. Continue reading…


Audio Soul Project – Hip Shake Heartache

Audio Soul Project - Hip Shake Heartache

The new LP by Audio Soul Project (Mazi)

Available digitally at Beatport, on vinyl at Gramaphone (Vol. 1) (Vol. 2), Juno Records (Vol. 1) (Vol. 2), Prime Direct (Vol. 1)(Vol. 2) and at all better music shops.

Artist: Audio Soul Project

Audio MP3

“If I don’t get it, it’s because I don’t want it…”

Fresh Meat Records is proud to announce the release of the second Audio Soul Project album, “Hip Shake Heartache.” With global attention quickly returning to U.S. House music, the time is perfect for one of Chicago’s important working producers, Mazi Namvar, to bring his considerable talents to bear on this sophisticated album of beautiful and original music. Following-up on the acclaimed 2001 album “Community” (NRK), Mazi wrote, recorded and produced “Hip Shake Heartache” over the course of a year, working with a cadre of vocalists including Ron Carroll, Alexander East and Nathan Drew Larsen along with seasoned musicians Jimmy Tripp and Richard Gow. This emotional and often bittersweet album is a personal story of old friends, music, treason, relationships, endings and new beginnings — recounted and fictionalized in the graphic novelette issued contemporaneously herewith. The short story, written by Mazi, was illustrated by local artist Ernesto Perez. Continue reading…


Nick Harris – Elementary/BizzaRIO

Nick Harris - Elementary/BizzaRIO

The new EP by Nick Harris

Available at Beatport, and soon at all better music shops.

(Audio Soul Project Remix)

Artist: Nick Harris

Audio MP3

NRK front man Nick Harris rounds out 2010 for Fresh Meat with two tracky deep house cuts. In addition to his accomplishments with NRK, Nick has been busy releasing music on labels such as Mood Music and Night Grooves, including production and remix work for artists like Kris Wadsworth, Scope and David Durango. “Elementary” and “BizzaRIO” are restrained groovers with subtle builds and organic progressions working the dance floor and coming alive in the mix. Both tracks have moody vibes; “Elementary” with a DBX style lead and rolling percussion and “BizzaRIO” with haunting keys and a punchy insistent bass line. Continue reading…


Shenoda – Feelings

Shenoda - Feelings

The new EP by Shenoda

Available at Beatport, Zero Inch, and soon at all better music shops.

Artist: Shenoda

Audio MP3

Up next on Fresh Meat is UK artist Shenoda with his aptly titled “Feelings EP”. Shenoda’s “Feelings” are deep and emotional while his tracks are percussive, chugging and mind bending without doubt. Like his prior releases on Fresh Meat, Hairy Claw, and Hypercolour the tunes featured here are cerebral dance floor heaters. Continue reading…


Densmore & Cort – Washington Park

Densmore & Cort - Washington Park

The new EP by Densmore & Cort

Available at Beatport, and soon at all better music shops.

Let’s Please This Sun
Artist: Densmore & Cort

Audio MP3

Densmore & Cort’s “Washington Park” EP is easily the most gorgeously deep and atmospheric music Fresh Meat has released this year. The Troy, New York duo’s slow thick house productions seep lush pleasures, poetics and seduction. Continue reading…


Audio Soul Project – Call of Grace

Audio Soul Project - Call of Grace

The new VINYL ONLY EP by Audio Soul Project

Available at Gramaphone Records, Juno Records, Prime Direct,, Baserecords, News Distribution, BM Soho Music, Chemical Records, and all better music shops.

Call of Grace
Artist: Audio Soul Project

Audio MP3


Audio Soul Project’s “Call of Grace” marks a new beginning for Fresh Meat. This single is the start of our ongoing ‘Vinyl Only’ series. Those of us laboring at FMR HQ love the weekly ritual of buying music at local record shops. It just feels right that our little imprint fully support this love affair with wax. Continue reading…


Hans Thalau – Me and I

Hans Thalau - Me and I

The new EP by Hans Thalau

Available on Beatport, and soon at all better music shops.

Artist: Hans Thalau

Audio MP3

Much like his music, the talented Hans Thalau came to Fresh Meat’s attention organically through praise from our friend Matthias Vogt. The two originals offered here, “And I” and “Me”, are subtle groovers utilizing a stylish economy. They are quintessentially Fresh Meat in that they make temporal pigeon holes useless. Hans’ music is of the kind experienced House DJs will return to time and time again. His previous work for labels like Ferox, Moonpool and Trenton have found their way into the record bags of major players like Jimpster, Josh Wink, DJ Deep, Ewan Pearson and Anja Schneider. Continue reading…


Wasted Chicago Youth

Wasted Chicago Youth - Dustbin Boogie Woogie

The new EP by Wasted Chicago Youth

Available on Beatport, and soon at all better music shops.

Dustbin Boogie Woogie
Artist: Wasted Chicago Youth

Audio MP3

Coming just after their mix album “Live at Smart Bar” Mazi and Justin Long return as Wasted Chicago Youth to Fresh Meat Records with three tracks of modern American house music. “Dustbin Boogie Woogie” follows-up on the jackin’ sound these turntable extremists set forth on labels like Tuning Spork, Cynosure, and .Dotbleep, but this time the duo push the Chicago edge even further. You don’t hear much talk of chemistry between producers, but there is that indefinable quality between Mazi and Justin, animated by alchemical tensions and dialogs between the raw and refined, produced and free-form, modern and classic, and melody and atonality. Put simply, Wasted Chicago Youth is something special that Mazi and Justin only create together. Continue reading…


New Video for Wiretappeur’s Colours


Art of Tones – Square Looqs

Art of Tones - Square Looqs

The new E.P. by Art of Tones

Available on Juno Records and Beatport, and other better music shops.

The Looq
Artist: Art of Tones

Audio MP3

Chicago’s Fresh Meat is pleased to welcome long time friend Ludovic Llorca to our tight knit family. Written under his critically acclaimed Art Of Tones pseudonym, the “Square Looqs” EP expands on the soul drenched, futuristic signatures of past releases on 2020 Vision, Room With A View and F Communications. Llorca’s productions are winding, dramatic and full-on, which had us thinking a stripped back rendition by one of our favorite Londoners, Shenoda, would round out this collection perfectly. Continue reading…


M A N I K – Drink Your Juice

M A N I K - Drink Your Juice

The new E.P. by M A N I K

Available now on Juno Records, Prime Direct Distribution, and Beatport.

Artist: M A N I K

Audio MP3

Burgeoning American talent Chris M A N I K came to Fresh Meat’s attention in late 2009. Mazi ‘friended’ Chris after a short IM chat on Facebook. A demo soon followed. Quite rapidly the label became enamored with the New Yorker’s raw and uncompromising house music. A self described post-genre artist, he has stayed busy since 2007 creating techno under his proper name and as Chatterbox. Now he’s unveiled an alchemical brew of hybrid nu-house as M A N I K. His debut release on Josh Wink’s Ovum Recordings this January received a standing ovation from all quarters including the likes of Steve Bug, Jimpster, Milton Jackson, Deetron, Lauhaus, Tiefschwarz, Martin Landsky and others. Continue reading…


New Video for Wiretappeur’s Motions


Wiretappeur – Colours & Motions

Wiretappeur - Colours & Motions

The new E.P. by Wiretappeur

Available now on Juno Records, Prime Direct Distribution and on Beatport.

Artist: Wiretappeur

Audio MP3

Fresh Meat’s 30th release “Colours & Motions” marks the label’s welcome return to vinyl and includes a wicked deep house remix by Audio Soul Project. Following-up on “I Want You” and their remix of Shenoda’s “Hussle,” the talented Stel Vassiloudis, Nils Nuernberg and Florian Kruse return to Fresh Meat as Wiretappeur. Labels like NRK, Knee Deep, Hypnotone, Mood Music, Noir Music, Dessous and Slip N Slide have all enjoyed their fine touch under various pseudonyms and configurations, but the original Wiretappeur material is exclusively on Fresh Meat. Continue reading…


Fresh Meat on Ibiza Voice

As privileged as it is to be part of something so authentically house, there’s also a burden of responsibility that comes with being a Chicago based house music label. Started by Mazi Namvar (Audio Soul Project) and Nathan Drew Larsen, the influence for their deliciously named ‘Fresh Meat Records’ label has been the ‘other side’ of the famous Chicago house sound, that is the deeper, soulful, dubby and throbbing emotional and experimental records that are at the heart of the Chicago inspiration. Continue reading…


Nathan Drew Larsen – One Time Out of Nine

The new E.P. by Nathan Drew Larsen

Available now on Beatport.

Left There
Artist: Nathan Drew Larsen

Audio MP3

“One Time Out of Nine” features two new songs by Chicago musician Nathan Drew Larsen. Both deep tunes are written in Nathan’s distinctive house style, which is ecstatic, fuzzy and low. Continue reading…

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