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Fresh Meat Podcast 19

Good things are cooking in the Fresh Meat kitchen. We’ve got a new DJ mix in this episode and a couple tracks that you can’t hear on any other show – we’ve got exclusive access to music that’s still in progress in the labs of some of our friends. Lots of forthcoming promos and a few bits from past timelines. We also play music for you that’s trying to prove to aliens that there is intelligent life on Earth.

If you want to submit music for the show, send to promos@audiosoulproject.com.

Fresh Meat Podcast 18

It’s been 2 weeks since our last episode came out. The goal, moving forward is to keep this bi-weekly pace. You can subscribe to our show on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher or, if you prefer, you can stream us on Soundcloud, Mixcloud or right here on our site.

Fresh Meat Podcast 15

This time around I’m on a solo trip.

Fresh Meat Podcast 14

Time is relative and in the case of this episode not always what it seems.

Fresh Meat Podcast 13

Nathan and Mazi discuss the roots and influence of dub music in Fresh Meat Podcast 13.

Fresh Meat Podcast 12

Mazi and Nathan return with Fresh Meat Podcast 12.

Fresh Meat Podcast 10

You are listening to the 10th episode of Fresh Meat Podcast.

Fresh Meat Podcast 9

You are listening to the 9th episode of Fresh Meat Podcast.

Fresh Meat Podcast 7

Born in Athens, Greece in 1980, Stelios Vassiloudis has been an active DJ/Producer in the electronic House music scene for the last 6 years.

Fresh Meat Podcast 6

Fresh Meat Danceteria 6, the second installment of our pre-house “Dance Music” show, features a lively mix of inspired music by Mazi of Audio Soul Project.

Fresh Meat Podcast 2

At first I had delusions that this mix would be a snap. Come to find out, it was not.

Fresh Meat Podcast 1

Fresh Meat Danceteria is now Fresh Meat Podcast, so let the downloading begin!